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Key Considerations Checklist

Priorities & Essential Work

All employees to use Rocket to record daily output.

Managers are required to check in daily with each employee, either individually or in teams, to discuss the day's output requirements.



At a minimum, employees need a computer, internet, and mobile phone access (although you will likely not be required to make airtime calls). The company does not cover the cost of home internet and phone and does not insure personal technology. 

Home Environment

Consider whether your home environment is conducive to remote work. Factors include the demands of other household members, household construction, appropriate lighting, seating, and other basic conditions. Set expectations with others in your home regarding your interactions and availability.  

Ensure that you have a quiet, neat and orderly space and that you are able to present yourself professionally during virtual meetings.

Contact Information 

Ensure that your contact number currently on Zoho People profile, is the latest one.

Your mobile number must be available during working hours

Remote Agreements & Expectations

A work from home agreement must be completed by the employee and the manager on the Zoho People portal (Form :Workfromhome in the Employee Forms module).

A sign in sheet must be completed daily


Outlook must be used to schedule all meetings.

Existing meetings, not canceled by the owner, will continue via teams and all other meetings will take place using Teams.

Time & Performance 

Work from home times are strictly 8 - 4, with the exception of mutual agreement in your Workfromhome Agreement. 

Consequences of failure to deliver

Should you fail to deliver as per expectations, the particular day in question will be unpaid. The manager is to submit an unpaid leave day for that particular day.