What is Rocket

  • Rocket is a tool which captures your weekly priorities, and keeps track of your score

  • It is accessible on any device, so you can set it up on both your phone and computer

  • Managers and employees have access, and either the manager or employee can set priorities, depending on the preference


Why are we using this?

  • We do not conduct annual performance appraisals to monitor or encourage performance at work

  • We set weekly priorities to help us focus on what the most important things are that we need to accomplish per week

  • We then check in with our managers to report back on which of those priorities we've accomplished, and where we need to pay more attention

  • A running total of what you have accomplished, out of what you have committed to, counts towards your discretionary bonus at the end of the year

  • We use Rocket to give us instant gratification for accomplishments, for instant opportunity to rectify mistakes or overcome challenges, for constant feedback from your manager, and for accurate data on what you actually do and what your big focus areas are.

  • It is also a great tool to give an accurate report of your performance throughout the year, so that bonuses are paid fairly, without any doubt as to what your contributions were during the year.

How do decide on my priorities?

Your priorities are selected based on what is most important for you to focus on for the week. This needs to be aligned to;

  • Your job's focus areas

  • Your department's quarterly goals

You can also set priorities for special projects or other things you are tasked with so that you are scored on things that add value to the business, but may not be part of your job description.


But remember, your job's focus areas come first!

Priorities must be;

  • Measurable (you should be able to say yes I achieved it, or no I didn't)

  • Achievable (have you broken down your task into pieces small enough to be accomplished within 1 week?)

  • Relevant to your job and/or company goals

Priorities can be day to day tasks, deadlines, backlogs, projecs... anything that is the focus for the week.

Who decides on what your priorities are?


Your manager's role is to help guide you in the process of learning to prioritise and to ensure your priorities are in line with your purpose and company goals.

How to use it for the first time

  • Click on the website

  • Type in the login name provided to you via email 

  • Click on "forgot password"

  • Use your work email address

  • Go to your junk mailbox to look for the mail from Rocket

  • Copy the password provided there

  • Log in

  • Save password so that going forward you don't need to log in every time.

  • Set your first set of priorities 

How to use it from there

  • Choose a time weekly to set your priorities

  • Log in 

  • Click on "Add priority"

  • Type each priority in the "priority" field, one by one, selecting "next priority" after each one

  • Ignore the "focus area" unless this is applicable to you (you will know if it is!)

  • Select "submit" once you are finished listing all your priorities.

  • You will now receive an email with your priorities for the week

  • The following week, your manager will sit with you as you go through what you have committed to the previous week, and your manager will tick off what's been completed

  • You will receive 1 point for a yes, I've completed it (Mark completed)

  • You will receive 0 points for no, I didn't complete it (Mark incomplete)

  • If the priority is not relevant such as it became out of your control, the manager can agree to ignore it and it will not count towards your score (Don't Mark at all)

  • Once you have marked a priority, you can't change it