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Pregnant Fairies

We currently have 3 ladies heading for motherhood. We've looked at the leave policy to make sure we accommodate your check up dates in the last 4 months - your families are important! Give me a shout for details, policy to be formally updated soon.


Kelly Wyllie ( IHS Umhlanga)

Jaco Blom (Online, Umhlanga)

Kirti Kamal (IHS, JHB)

What is Strength?

Strength is not always about pure physical strength.  (Rarely so, in our modern world.)

Rather, it is about willpower.  Discipline.  Drive.  It is about the capacity to get things done.

I know some people who are intellectually strong, but they get very little done in their jobs. And I know others who find work extremely challenging, but are able to move mountains by their sheer drive and hard work.

They possess inner strength.

More interesting, is that these productive hard-workers often don’t even notice the load. Bystanders are not only amazed, but often ask, “How do you do it?”

The answer usually comes back, “I just work harder than the others.”

So, why are some people able to do more?  What gives them added drive?  What gives them extra strength?

Could it be, they have simply given themselves permission to do more?

Self-Imposed Limits

What I have observed is that most people impose their own limits. They limit their output based on self-framed constraints of their capabilities and strengths.  Sometimes these boundaries are based on past experiences.  Sometimes they are based on perceived capacities.  Sometimes these limits are based on nothing.

I can’t do that.  (Why?)

That is too much for me.  (How do you know?)

I can’t put in that much effort.  (What would happen if you did?)

I am not smart enough to solve that.  (Can you be sure if you haven’t tried?)

So, how do we break through these limits?  How do we get stronger?

Pushing It…

Ironically, even though we are talking about inner strength, one of the best places to see self-imposed limitations is at the gym.  I see people going through the motions of working out, but are nowhere nea