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MVP - 69 people voted for each other in July. Nice representation from all campuses thanks! Wonder how it works? Your votes automatically go into an excel spreadsheet un-monitored by anyone. I forward this to the ME's on the 20th each month and each campus has their own selection process from there. You can now VOTE AUGUST until 20 August.

Blogging - The purpose of the company staff blog is to connect with each other across campuses and provinces and to showcase the cool things we get up to. Each campus has their own blogger. Go to the "member" page and "follow" your campus blogger. SAE-Dani, JHB-Pierre, DBN-Catherine, PTA-Rudy, CT-no one yet.

Performance management - We can all finally forget about the awkward 6 month performance appraisal process. Your manager, by now, should have approached you about weekly check-ins whereby your immediate work output can be rated, encouraged, and praised. We are in the beginning stages of this process so don't stress, it will all come together soon.

Equity and Happiness Representatives - Employment Equity Representatives is a legal company requirement. It's a bit of a boring process with some admin and meetings etc. I am combining this position so that the EE Representative is also the campus representative to help promote happiness, equality, fairness, and fun. You can nominate yourself or someone else, but, each campus needs to put forward at least 1 person. Let's get the votes in by 27 July Vote here. Everything is explained on the form.

Competition - Win a superbalist voucher by commenting on this post with your favourite, most inspirational quote which relates to career / positivity / human connection (can be your own words or some famous person). I'll collate quotes and have a voting process transparent to all on 10 August.

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