Time Marches ON!

Hi All

I have just returned from Singapore where I was exposed to a week of thought leaders in their respective fields of tech trends. What a mind shift! It is amazing how cocooned we become in our own little country and forget that there are amazing things happening everyday globally and how this world has become a global village. We need to shift our mindset from being SA Citizens to Global Citizens.

To the IHS Team, I hope you enjoyed and benefitted from Conference as much as I did. It was fantastic seeing all of you in one room again and connecting. The vibe was electric and I was impressed by the high levels of positivity and creativity that came out of the workshops. I was also impressed with the competition during team builds and the screams from the zip line!

At my Daily Huddle today I informed the team that there are only technically 6 weeks left of the year before we enter the "silly season" of December. That means at the end of next month or 30 working days, we are at the 1st December 2018!

I urge all of you to work out what you need to achieve before year end and break your goals down into 6 slots of action ie. mini goals per week. Then take massive action! Lets finish the year off on high note which guarantees a great financial finish to the year and allows us to all take bonuses.

Time marches on.......

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