The Human Connection

Someone asked me the other day, "What is the difference between a top performing sales person and a poor performing sales person?" This question could be applicable to any occupation in our business from a Manager to a Lecturer.

On the surface it seems a tough question as one can approach it technically and begin to unpack things like skills, experience, product etc. However for me, if I have to sum up one key differentiator, it rests entirely on human connection.

Throughout my life I have come across top performers in all sorts of fields and the one quality they all possessed was the ability to connect with their customers or students at a deeper level than their peers. As humans we all desire and crave human relationships, a sense of social bonding and these top performers, without even realising it connect at this level.

People willingly purchase from or pay attention to those with whom they have a bond. By a bond I mean a meaningful and sincere bond. Our eyes are the windows to our souls and humans have an innate ability to see when someone is being false.

So if you wish to make an impact on your students, make that big sale or get your team to follow you, then connect at a deeper level. Trust will be established and your world will change.

Have a fantastic month!

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