Rocket Launch


27 Oct - Florence - IHS

29 Oct - Lungi - Support

29 Oct - Wynand - IHS

31 Oct - Matt - IHST

2 Nov - Seshini - IHST

2 Nov - Samuel - IHS JHB

3 Nov - Chantal - Support

No new vacancies

No newbies :)


Rocket is a tool which helps you prioritise what is most important into week size bits; it keeps track of your score, and also the details of what you do, and makes it easy to check in with your manager once a week, so that you feel recognised, accomplished, and empowered through consistent and regular feedback.

Make sure you've read the information, all of it, on the web page so you know how to use it and how to set it up. Compulsory for everyone.

Management profiles will be up and running shortly.


Open 2 Jan. Please send your leave forms in ASAP.


Learn from disagreement

I found this wonderful snippet - and I don't need to say anything more on this topic, as this sums our organisation's approach (or at least what we aspire to), perfectly;

"Disagreement is prevalent across all areas of life, and workplace disagreements can sometimes be especially heated. But what's the right response to such divisive disagreements? Drawing on the recent philosophical field called the epistemology of disagreement, I'll answer this question in a perhaps surprising way. I argue that we ought to be conciliatory in disagreements rather than doubling down on our own positions. In other words, we should give other people far more credibility than we are naturally inclined to give! Rethinking the natural approach to disagreement not only makes us more likely to arrive at the best decision in important matters, it also makes us better partners and teammates. While I don't advocate for blind agreement with others, I do propose getting a better handle on our own limits when considering questions in technical fields; better self-understanding leads to understanding others better, too."

Enjoy your weekends


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