Nelson Mandela Day - Durban

Nelson Mandela Day 2018 at IHS Durban Campus

On the 18th July 2018, the staff and students of the Durban Campus spent their 67 minutes (plus another 173 minutes!) helping out at the Edith Benson Babies Home (EBBH) in Sherwood. We chose this home mainly because they fell victim to a massive fire which ravaged an entire cottage a few months back.

Prior to Nelson Mandela Day, a site visit was done to determine what assistance the home was in need of, as well as the type of items they required. From there, the staff and students were put into groups, assigned a team leader and were asked to run with their responsibilities. And I must say, they did an excellent job. People completely opened their hearts (and pockets) to EBBH. We had staff and students donate items off EBBH’s Wish List as well as outside sponsors for bread, paint and stationery, all of which was organised by our staff.

On the day, everyone gave their all to complete the tasks that they were given. From painting of picket fences and garden maintenance to sweeping and raking of the grounds, we worked tirelessly to get it all done on time. Thereafter, we officially handed over the donated food and clothing items to the Facility Manager, Mrs Firdose Moola and we managed to squeeze in some awesome group pictures.

By the end of it all, even though everyone was exhausted, I think the staff and students felt content that they were, in some small way, able to brighten the lives of the little ones.

Overall, EBBH were extremely grateful to have us there and were even more thrilled by the donations they received from IHS. A huge thank-you must go out to everyone at the Durban Campus who gave their time and effort to make this Nelson Mandela Day 2018 a great success.

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