Meditate... reflect

Happy Friday from Sunny Durbs :)

Some vacancies starting to open up for 2019... here

Happy birthday

13 - Murray - Umhlanga

14 - Kirti - IHS JHB

HR Policies

The long awaited location for HR policies... here

I will be updating and reviewing certain policies in the next few weeks, so you will see a lot of blank spaces for now. If you click on any of the policies, you will be taken to the policy link and other relevant information about the policy. Will keep you posted here with new policy updates.

From IHS Durban happy Diwali message -

DBN and JHB IHS post really cool stuff thank you for consistently making use of this staff space to praise, encourage and recognize each other.

Some blogs from the other campuses would be fantastic! We all want to know the cool stuff you get up to.


Meditate... reflect.

I guess we are all starting to reflect on the year behind us, and thinking about New Year Resolutions and promises to ourselves.

"If you meditate on something, you think about it very carefully and deeply for a long time."

I am a big fan of the Optimist Creed below. It's a great message to reflect on; what do you give to the world and to yourself?

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