McDonald's Guest Service Gold

Over the past few months #IHST has been rolling out the amazing Guest Service Gold program to the McDonald's service staff. This has been a fun, hands on learning experience for the learners and it worked amazingly. I recently visited McDonald's in Rivonia Road Johannesburg and was impressed by the amazing service I received.

Guest Service Gold focuses on the power of the guest story:

After having his meal at a McDonald’s store, a gentleman returned back into the store to show his appreciation the the staff member who had assisted his family while they were having their meal. The guest had planned to offer the staff member R50.00 for taking such good care of his children while they were in the play area. The staff member, however kindly refused the gesture and instead asked the guest to donate the R50.00 to the McDonald’s CSI project. This act showed the guest how much the staff member provided the service, not for reward, but because he wanted to from his heart.

Send me your experiences so that we can share in your triumphs.

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