Friday Updates

Good morning

Most Valued Person June : The image below shows a whopping 84 people voted for each other this month with nice representation from all the departments! The message is clear : We LOVE seeing each other succeed, we're inspired by each other, we recognize each other's contributions. That's just heart warming on a cold Friday morning.

Winners on the MVP page, you can also vote for July any time until the 20th.

NOTE : It is compulsory to vote for MVP via the online link. You can also do it from your mobile phone.

Performance Appraisals

Thank you for participating in the performance appraisal survey. We have developed an exciting new way of bringing out the best in our employees - no more appraisals. Just real time encouragement, feedback, and motivation. Falling in love with our jobs again... coming your way soon.


  • Krisanne from Cape Town SA has been appointed as the new Academic Administrator

A couple of new vacancies

Reminder that internal vacancies are no longer sent out via email alerts, they are located on our vacancy page.

Bloggers needed for IHS CT, DBN, JHB and PTA...anyone familiar with social media, who likes to write, and who has a vibe... give me a shout and I'll give you writing access.