Friday Updates

Good morning SAE, IHS, IHST :)

Please join the invictuspeople Facebook page

Any new vacancies posted will automatically appear in the facebook page feed. The purpose of this page is to create recruitment and employee / culture brand awareness. Please join the page here and share posts with your networks if relevant. Tag friends / industry contacts, post to linked in, or post in other facebook pages in the communities that we are recruiting in.

You know what works, you're connected in the industry. Help extend the reach for AMAZING people to join us.

Internal Vacancies

Note that all new vacancies will be listed here. I will send out a weekly reminder, but no more all company email notifications. Each company has their own vacancy page.

It is the company's responsibility to ensure we maintain a fair internal application process, but it is your responsibility to keep an eye on the company vacancy page and also to chat to your manager / HR if you feel it is time to grow or move to a different position. We have had several successful promotions and appointments in the last few months as people applied the process. Sli, Sai-Risha, Trisha, Elishna, Megan, Thobile, Dasen...well done guys!

Celebrating the International Hotel School ONLINE telesales team

Amanda, Thoko and David are the beauts who will assist you when you want to know more about studying for free through International Hotel School Online (reach them on 031 536 6650). They didn't just help put together the policy, but they are genuinely super passionate about providing opportunities to our people to develop and grow. They are helpful, knowledgeable and inspiring (and a little wacky). A big thank you to them for their efforts!

Make Friday your most productive day

By Friday, ambition, productivity and enthusiasm run out quickly. Now that we've upgraded life with closing at 3pm on a Friday, it's easy to imagine ways of looking busy for one hour less, packing up from 2pm, and scuttling out the door as soon as the clock strikes 3.

How about changing that mindset to help yourself rather than sabotage your own productivity; Use Fridays to wrap up what you need to, start digging in to next week's workloads, plan your week ahead. Claim back your weekends to be carefree. Take a stress-free Monday morning drive to work.

Why not schedule team brainstorming sessions to work through challenges or come up with exciting new ideas? Not only will that earn you an extra free time hour on Fridays, but it will give you discipline and maturity to make a success of your career over time. Remember, people who are most successful are the ones who have habits that most others don't want to do.

Some video motivation for you;


Productivity explained

Nicki starts this Monday as the new International Hotel School Sandton Campus Managing Executive. We've been waiting for you so long Nicki, welcome!
Welcome Nicki McGee IHS JHB ME

Have a wonderful weekend


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