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Updated: Oct 26, 2018


today - Elishna - SAE Umhlanga

18 Oct - Dani - SAE CT

CongratulationsInternational Hotel School DURBAN CAMPUS for winning the IHS CAMPUS OF THE YEAR AWARD, what an achievement! Thanks Desmond for putting together this video of congratulations.


1. Practise radical truth and transparency

Meaningful work and meaningful relationships give happiness to our life at work. "Meaningful work is being on a mission that you're excited about and that you can get your head into. And in meaningful relationships you can be totally transparent with each other, letting each other know what your weaknesses are."

It is your personal responsibility to contribute to our company's culture by sharing your excitement, raising your concerns, letting go of past issues, and fuelling your colleagues with positive comments and discussions. Be honest, be brave, be proud. Speak up, but always in a positive and constructive way. Give each other the benefit of the doubt. Come with solutions. #ownyourculture

Belated heritage day video

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