Fail, learn, move forward!

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24 - Zaak - IHST

27 - Florence - IHS DBN


Congratulations Chanelle from IHS Durban who has been promoted to the Senior Culinary Arts Lecturer position.

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No new positions are open. You can view vacancies on our company vacancy page.

Employment Equity and Happiness Committee

We've had our first meeting via Zoom (the marvel!!) from 3 different provinces and 8 different locations this week. You can check out who your campus representative is here, as well as overview minutes of the meetings.


"To the best boss IHS has ever had. Thanks for being the best captain to our ship and providing us with motivation and inspiration on a daily basis. Lots of love Cape Town campus"

If you missed Mike's Corner blog posted last week here is the link;

#10rulesforus 2. Fail, learn, move forward!

In an organisation full of self-confessed OCD's (yes yes I know, CDO's), competitive personalities, high (and over) achievers... we all take it really personally when failure happens.

"Failure stings. It doesn’t feel good. It’s tough. It’s humbling. It can feel unfair. It can have everything to do with us; it can have nothing to do with us." So how do you get beyond failure, and how do you use failure to succeed?

- Acknowledge your failure. Be objective about how you failed and why, instead of getting stuck on the feeling.

- Anticipate failure. Plan ahead. Be intuitive to situations, know as much as possible about your tasks and projects and the environment you work in. Catch your failures before they happen.

- Adapt to change. Face it - the world changes daily...hourly. It's a new world. Don't fail at the same things. Adapt, go with what works. Try the things that may seem daunting, challenging, impossible.

- Accept some degree of failure, because it's inevitable. It's how you move forward that counts. Failure is a stepping stone to success.

- Rather try and fail, than do nothing at all. The enemy of success is the fear of failure.

- Don't allow yourself to lower your standards in order to avoid failing. Taking failure personally, is failing all over again.

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