Employee Development

HRP015 - Online Learning Study Policy



Higher Education Programmes (Work-integrated learning component)

Diploma in Food and Beverage Operations Management (NQF 6)

Higher Certificate in Food and Beverage Management (NQF 5)

Higher Certificate in Hospitality Management (NQF 5)

AHLEI Programmes and courses (Internationally recognised by AHLEI)

12-Course Programme in Food and Beverage Management

12-Course Programme in Hospitality Management

5-Course Specialisations (various areas)

Single Subjects

RPL Application:


The submission of CV’s are only necessary should a staff member apply for RPL.  The CV alone is however not sufficient as a detailed breakdown of work tasks are needed to understand exactly which tasks were completed.  These are then compared against the WIL module outcomes for the particular programme they are applying for.


If an applicant is applying for RPL, the outcome of their RPL application must be provided first, before they are able to continue with their application to study.  In Preshnee and Amanda’s case, they have applied for RPL of the work-integrated learning module.  


I need to request additional information from Amanda regarding the tasks she completed in her various job roles, for comparison purposes as the information she has provided is not detailed enough and thus I’m unable to complete the comparison.  


Preshnee completed the Hospitality Operations Programme (HOP) and Fathima has assisted me with the outcomes of this programme.  I will start my analysis this afternoon.


Application to study:


Applicants that are not applying for RPL, do not need to provide their CV’s and only need to complete the following steps:


1.  APPLY:  Submit their (1) application forms and supporting documents ((2) ID and (3) Matric certificate) to the Sales team (unless we skip this step and ask that they submit to you instead?)


2.  APPROVE: This is then forwarded on to me for review and approval.  Since these applications are for Higher Education programmes, the applicants must meet the admission requirements of each programme, which is what I’ll check.


3.  REGISTRATION & ENROLMENT:  Once approved, I forward approval back to the Sales team who then hand the approved applications over to the Online Admin team.  Tracy and Keeshal then process further for registration, enrolment and textbook issuing.


In instances where applicants are applying for AHLEI subjects or programmes, e.g Bongiwe Thusi with Revenue Management, a shortened version of the above process is followed as there are no admission requirements with AHLEI subjects or programmes.


Late Registrations:


The Online team accept late registrations up until the first Friday after the start of every term.  Term 3 started on Monday, 23 July, and thus late registrations will be accepted until Friday, 27 July.  Students that start late, are automatically accommodated with extensions on their activities by the Online Lecturers.


The first week is traditionally a hectic time for Online Operations with the pressure piled on, as there is a lot to manage on the platform on top of all the late registrations that are being pushed through.  The first week is never long enough!  I will do my best to get these applications processes asap, as I know they are eager to get started and I do not want them to be delayed any longer than necessary.