Recruitment Toolbox

  1. Vacancies are posted by HR

  2. HOD to share in social networks by reposting from facebook

  3. HOD to post on industry specific job boards

  1. Use JOB HELPSHEET to screen CV's

  2. All CV's to be screened by HOD within 1 week of received

  3. HOD to regret unsuccessful candidates who applied directly

Talent pool
  1. Potential candidates to be invited by HOD to join database BEFORE interview

  2. Ask HR to check database for potential candidates

  1. Conduct screening interviews before personal interviews using database information

  2. Use a consistent interview process

  3. Use JOB HELPSHEET to conduct interviews

Reference Checks
  1. Reference checks for all candidates are compulsory

  2. As an HOD, you are held personally responsible for bad recruitment decisions where reference checks were not conducted

Final check
  1. All candidates to be referred to HR before an offer is made

  2. HR will refer to relevant Executive such as Dean (Academic positions) or CFO (Finance positions) for final approval