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Monday 23 March 2020


Notice from the CEO ;

From: Mike Lambert <MikeL@invictuseducation.co.za>
Date: Monday, 23 March 2020 at 15:05
To: INVICTUS GLOBAL <invictus@hotelschool.co.za>
Cc: Simon De Jong <Simon.DeJong@investec.co.za>, Bhekisizwe Mkhatshwa <Bhekisizwe.Mkhatshwa@investec.co.za>
Subject: COVID -19 UPDATE : 23 March 2020


Hi All


Further to my mail sent last Friday the Executive Team met this morning to plan a way forward.


As stated today we are experiencing unprecedented times in our lives at present that will probably never be repeated again. During such times, fear becomes the main focus of everyone. The fear of the unknown is always worse than the reality of the event itself. We cannot change external circumstances but we can change how we respond to such circumstances. Our response will determine our success or failure. We have to remain present, level headed and respond positively and proactively in the face of such uncertainty. Our lives are shaped not by how things go when things are going well; our lives are shaped by the most difficult times we endure. 


“What keeps us focused and on track is faith. Faith is not learned, it’s something we are born with. Faith is what fuels us through times of fear and uncertainty. Faith is knowing that at our core we’re more than anything we will ever face, and we can handle whatever life brings to us. We always have and always will. This is the power of the human race.” – Tony Robbins


We need to embrace the change we currently face and work through it daily. We will then come to realise that nothing is ever as bad as we thought it was. This too shall pass.


As I have stated before, your welfare and safety is our primary concern and as such we have as an Executive Team made the decision that all staff shall work remotely from 26th March 2020 until the 13th April 2020ie. Returning to campuses and offices on the 14th April 2020, unless otherwise guided by our State President at his address this evening.  


In order to ensure that we can survive these tumultuous and uncertain times, we are considering a number of cost cutting measures dependant on our cashflow models we run over the next few days, taking into account reduced income. These considerations range from short time to a salary portion freeze for all of us. Note that full salaries will be paid this month. We are also approaching our suppliers and landlords to request that they come to the table in the event of a worst case scenario. Please note that our intention is to provide job security and to this end retrenchments will be the worst case and last consideration on the table. The Executive Team has volunteered to be the first to take a portion salary freeze if required. 


It is important that whilst working remotely that you act as though you are at the office/campus and deliver as such in order to preserve our business.

Your Managers/Supervisors will be advising you on expected outcomes whilst working remotely, which will be managed through and governed by Rocket.  In addition those who are required to work remotely and do not have the means will be addressed by your manager concerned. Please also visit this link https://www.invictuspeople.com/covid19  where we have created a resource on how to work from home and deal with COVID-19.


During this period we have decided to ramp up the approach to online learning and as such will commence with the recordings, platforms and delivery mechanisms immediately. We will be calling on a number of employees to go above and beyond the call of duty to assist us in setting this up. Our education and training world is changing and online and blended education is now the future. If you want a future in education and training I would strongly recommend you embrace it and learn as much as you can by helping us deliver all platforms and content ASAP. This will preserve our business.


We shall be communicating with all of you regularly during this period of remote working and urge you all to raise any queries or questions should you have during this period, no matter how trivial. As long as we stick together and support each other we shall emerge from this as a much stronger team and company.


Take care and chat soon.


Have a great day.



9 April 2020

Lockdown Extension 


Hi All


Our State President's announcement last night came as no surprise to me as I was contacted during the day by Investec Bank asking my opinion on a lockdown extension and a phased return to work. They were surveying their major clients as requested by government to ascertain various options the government was considering  yesterday. 


I wish to reassure all of you that we have planned for an extension from a cashflow, operational and academic planner perspective and all is well. We planned this two weeks ago and have put in measures already to ensure that we can deal with the extension and have an intact business when we return to campuses and offices on the 4th May 2020. In fact we have planned to deal with an extension until the end of May 2020 - lets pray this doesn't happen 


I shall be sending a message to day to all Parents and Students to assure them that all is on track and that we shall be commencing classes remotely from the 20 April 2020 for the additional two weeks. Detailed letters and academic planners will be sent to all student groups next Tuesday 7th April 2020. 


Whilst I know that the announcement must have been quite disappointing for a lot of you I wish to share an article I read this week: 


 "one could look out at the world right now and see a lot of negative. Or you could grab the other handle and see the positive. It’s an open question: Is this a great time to be alive or a terrible one? Are we blessed to have spent twenty years without any major wars, without any truly global crises, with sustained periods of economic prosperity and incredible technological advances? Or has it been twenty years with three major recessions, with the terror of terrorism, disruptive or disappointing tech, and now with a global pandemic?

Here’s the Stoic’s answer: It doesn’t matter. Because you don’t control when you live. What history will think of this period compared to other periods is meaningless. The only thing that counts is that you’re alive right now.

We don’t choose when we live, we choose how we live. That’s it. You didn’t ask for this moment. Maybe you’d prefer things to be different. Well...they aren’t. And you’re going to have to make do. Understand this and you will be wise. Adhere to it and you will be successful.

How can we make the most of right now? That’s the question. How can we live well within—or in spite—of what’s happening? That’s our job."


Have a blessed and peaceful Easter long weekend and we shall chat next week.